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A drawing is an idea. As an animator, I turn ideas into stories.
I am currently a junior at the Kansas City Art Institute. It's been a blessing and privilege to be a student there after earning my AFA at the Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, IL. I keep this as a journal of my latest projects and explorations in animation.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Incremental 2

This drawing is of great importance to me. This was the first one that began to move smoothly for me. Here. I started getting a sense of how much time each drawing took and the general proportions of the figure.
 In this drawing, the figure is just beginning to exert a force on the object. I mainly focused on representing the areas that visually displayed physical tension.
 This pose is taken from a stair-step movement. Here, I began developing a feel for where I could leave out certain details and still convey the position of the figure.
 This resting position after completing the action cycle of delivering a punch, left a lot of areas in the figure that created flowing contours and overlaps. 
 The was the final drawing in the "picking up a box" cycle. So, I had considerably more time to render the figure.

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